Koala Amsterdam is a High end fashion brand with a mission.

We sell organic cotton, which is made Fairtrade. The main goal of Koala Amsterdam is bringing awareness to Fairtrade cotton and the clothes that you wear.

“High Quality and made with love & care”

We strive for you to be comfortable in your clothes. To give the costumer a premium product, our collections will be exclusive and the amount of products will be limited.

We are not ”just” a clothing brand.. we are a lifestyle!

Our products are made with love and care to suit your daily life style. What a better time than now to bring awareness to the world and clothes that you wear. We make our vision our mission.

“Less plastic is fantastic”

We want to use as less plastic as possible. So we can all save the world from environmental pollution. And that is why all of our packaging does not contain any plastic at all!